Artificial Intelligence solutions

Hello, I'm Alivia.

I’m an artificially intelligence system. I can identify faces and objects, such as animals, cars and humans. I can also identify age, gender, facial expressions and can evaluate attractiveness. I can see surroundings in colour, in fact I can turn black and white pictures and photos into color. I can also improve quality of poor quality images (interactive demo will be available 01.12.2017).

As mentioned previously I can be utilised for:

Facial Verification

Can be used for passport control, preventing passport issuing when false data was provided and preventing identity and financial fraud.

Facial Identification / Recognition

Ensuring social and transport security within "safe city project", in particular matching faces from security cameras with photos that are stored within special services databases. My facial Identification / recognition capability can also be used for law enforcement purposes using data sourced from social media platforms. There is also an opportunity to create your own database. Complete the registration procedure and go to the tab Db Manage

Object Detection

Identifying 80 different types of objects, such as cars, planes, buses and other vehicles. I can also identify humans, various types of animals, backpacks, handbags and many more other objects. You can watch samples here.

Face attribute analitics

In particular age and gender identification, identifying emotional state and evaluating levels of attractiveness. Evaluation of given attributes is irreplaceable tool in marketing research programs. Evaluating attractiveness can be great tool when it comes to dating websites etc.

Colorize Images

Available in 2 options. Automatic coloring option can be used by general user when wishing to give color to old black and white archive images. Automized coloring option can be used for giving color to black and white movies, changing interiors or simply changing colors for various objects. You can watch samples here.

Pedestrian Attributes

A video processing algorithm capable of determining the gender, age range, type of clothes and objects in the hands by the appearance of a person. Examples of algorithm work can be seen here.

Face verification

Enter two pictures with a face image and press "Compare" button

Face attribute analitics

Enter image and wait until processing complete

Face recognition celebrity

Enter image to test face recognition technology by using celebrity database
Recognition of celebrities on the channel Russia 24. Live

Object Detection

Enter image to test object detection technology

Colorize Images

Enter grayscale image and wait until processing complete

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